Yard Drainage Solutions

Yard Drainage Solutions

Fixing yard drainage problems can help to keep water from accumulating near the foundation of your home and entering the basement and causing the need for a waterproofing system to be installed. We have solutions to keep the water flowing in the right direction (away from your home), by making sure your gutters, downspouts and window wells are working properly. When you have water puddling or pooling in your yard you may find yourself asking “Why is it important to stop or prevent yard flooding?” but we have the answers.

When you have moisture building up your lawn, it’s never a good thing. It’s going to eventually make its way into the ground and seep into your basement through the cove joint, or through wall or floor cracks. This water can cause serious damage to this space below your home – it will damage a nicely finished basement and could certainly ruin any family heirlooms or important items that are stored down there. Additionally, the added moisture and humidity can lead to the growth of nasty mold and bacteria, which will eventually make its way upstairs into your main living space.

It’s also important to keep excess rain water from flooding your lawn if you have a garden or landscaped area. This could kill your plants, and it’s also going to be very inviting to mosquitoes. Needless to say, this is not something you want on your lawn, so call us for the most effective yard and drainage solutions for your home!

Yard Drainage Problems

When you have a yard drainage problem, it generally means the water on your property is not draining away quickly enough after it rains or when the snow melts. If you know what problems to be looking for, you can make informed decisions about what needs to be done to resolve them. Please look at the following list of potential yard drainage problems that you could have and you can view more information about the issue, or you can contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our experts.

Water Accumulating Near Foundation

If there is water accumulation around the foundation of your house because that is where your downspouts drain or your above-ground extensions get knocked off, it is imperative that you extend your downspouts your downspouts away from your house permanently. Dumping large amounts of water near your foundation can cause your sump pump to run excessively. Even more concerning is the impact of the water around your foundation can cause the underlying soil to move unevenly, which could lead to structural problems that require foundation repairs.

Sump Pump Discharge Line Freezes

Unless your discharge has a way to always let the water out, it will freeze in the wintertime and cause several problems for you. If the end of the pipe is frozen shut, the water that your sump pump ejects will come right back into the basin and cause your pump to run excessively. This can cause your electric bills to be much higher than necessary as the pump will be running near constantly.

This can also lead to a mechanical failure of your pump from begin overworked which can lead to the water eventually flooding back into the basement.


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