Water / Sewer

Water / Sewer

Do you think you might need a sewer line repair or replacement? Sewer troubles can be frightening for homeowners. This is because sewer leaks can cause serious health issues like E.coli, salmonella, and more. Don’t put your family at risk, and get your sewer lines checked as soon as possible if something does not seem right.

What Causes Damage to a Sewer Line?

Everything can get worn down and break over time, and sewer lines are no exception. Your sewer line may need to be replaced because it is older and not functioning as well, or it may be the culprit of one of the following:

  • General misuse
  • Foundation issues
  • Roots from trees in heavily wooded yards
  • The natural decay of cast iron pipes

Sewer Repair vs. Sewer Replacement

There is a fine line between needing a sewer repair compared to needing a sewer replacement. If the reason you are having problems with your sewer line identifies more with the signs above, then a replacement will most likely be necessary. This is because a sewer repair has more to do with fixing any small cracks or breaks. No matter what the situation, a professional plumber will come and assess before deciding whether a replacement is necessary, or if the pipe line can just be repaired.



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