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LRM plumbing was established in 2007,  masters in the plumbing industry, having more than 50 years of combined experience in residential, commercial and industrial services. The director’s vision of the company grew from personal concerns about customer service depleting over the years.

Our Plumbing team utilizes the latest plumbing technologies, while at the same time maintaining our sense of family values when servicing your home.


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New Residential / Commercial
Lrm plumbing offers new residential and commercial plumbing services
Water / Sewer
Lrm plumbing offers water / sewer related plumbing services
Yard Drainage Solutions
Lrm plumbing offers professional yard drainage solutions
Filtration Systems
Lrm plumbing offers installation of filteration systems
Tankless Water Heaters
Lrm plumbing offers the installation of tankless water heaters
Basement Waterproofing
Lrm plumbing offers the services for basement waterproofing

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General Questions

We analyze water quality data from local, county, state, and federal databases to help determine present contaminants in your local drinking water. Water isn’t one-size-fits-all, so why should your filter be? Our water filters are built specifically
for the unique problems in your area’s water. We analyze your local water quality reports for contaminants like lead, arsenic, chromium 6, and more — and give you a filter blend that matches your data. The result is a high-performance water filter that is effective throughout its entire lifetime.

No. Our water filters blend different types of filtration media that remove toxic chemicals from your water. We believe that this intelligent approach to water filtration is superior for most people for a number of reasons:

1. With reverse osmosis, you need to drill permanent holes in your drain pipe and your countertop. This means you are married to the reverse osmosis system. Our water filter can be removed without permanently damaging your plumbing.

2. Maintenance on reverse osmosis is critical to the longevity of the system and can be complicated. The crucial piece of a reverse osmosis is the final RO stage. This stage is what removes lead, chromium 6, arsenic, and other things. Unfortunately, these RO stages can be degraded when they come in contact with chlorine or are otherwise “fouled,” which 
is why RO systems have several pre filters. This means that if you fail to change out the pre filters before they become saturated (which is very common), the sensitive RO stage
is exposed to untreated feed water and can become irreversibly damaged (and extremely expensive to replace). The eliminates your protection against lead, chromium 6, and PFAS

The cartridge should be changed every 6 months, or 600 gallons. This takes into account
the marginal usage of cold water for washing dishes. At the time of installation, set up an appointment or reminder to make sure your installer changes out the cartridge at the 6 month interval.

Unfortunately, Brita and built-in refrigerator filters are really just designed to make your water taste better. In order to remove toxic contaminants like lead, chromium 6, and PFAS, you need a water filter that is actually proven to do so, throughout the lifetime of the filter.

Yes. Our filters carry NSF certifications to Standards 42 (aesthetic effects) and 53(health effects) and are independently tested to remove hundreds of contaminants. If you’d like to see a data sheet for the filter that is optimized for your water, reach out to us.

Yes. We have customers who are part of an ongoing monitoring program of these chemicals. In these studies, GenX and other PFAS are not detectable in water that has been filtered by our under sink and refrigerator line filters, through the lifetime of the filter cartridge.

Yes. Our systems meet or exceed filtration performance standards set forth by NSF Standard 53 for dissolved/particulate lead removal.

Yes. Our systems meet or exceed filtration performance standards set forth by NSF Standard53 for chromium 6 removal.

Realistically, there is an infinite amount of contaminants in the waterways, but to name
a few volatile organic compounds (VOCs), PCBs, MTBE, mercury, cysts, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, petroleum-based chemicals, chlorine, chloramine, disinfection byproducts, endocrine disruptors ,and a ton more.

Faucets in apartments use the same connections that are used in houses. Unlike reverse osmosis (RO) systems, hooking up our water filter does not require you to drill a hole in your drain pipe or counter top. If you move out of your apartment, the filter can be removed without changing the plumbing.

No. The systems retain beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium.

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